Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Poc Chuc or BBQ Pork

Food In Isla Mujeres

Poc Chuc

Slices of pork marinated in sour orange juice and achiote recado, grilled, and served with a tangy sauce and pickled or grilled onions. 
  Recado: spice paste with some combination of cloves, cinnamon, black pepper, oregano, cumin, garlic, coriander, vinegar, and sour orange. Comes in many variations, of which the most common is achiote recado.

Achiote: from the seeds of the annatto plant, used for flavor in some recados and to add deep golden color to other dishes

Achiote is used in most traditional Maya cooking
Annatto ( English), 
Achiotl / Ku'u up (Maya), 
Achiote (Spanish),  
Native to Mexico, now grown in many countries for its great taste and natural coloring qualities.

 Su'uts' pak'aal (Maya) 
 Naranja-Agria (Spanish)
Green, with a thick bumpy skin, often used in sauces; tastes like a combination of lime and orange.

In Isla Mujeres, Kash Keken Chuc is a popular place to buy Poc Chuc al carbon (meaning it is grilled over charcoal), which they sell until 4pm, mostly to go, by weight. It is located on the west coastal road (Rueda Medina). If you are coming from downtown, it is at the first road that turns east (left), before the large speed bump. 

Tino "The Rib Man" is also well known for his version of this specialty, which he sells on Sunday mornings from a courtyard on Matamoras Avenue downtown, until he runs out. To find it, follow your nose.                                   

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