Saturday, November 5, 2011

Huevos Motulenos: Eggs w Green Peas & Ham

Huevos motuleños : Two fried eggs stacked on crispy tortillas smeared with refried black beans, topped  with red sauce, sliced ham, peas, and cheese crumbles, sometimes with thinly sliced onions and crema fresca, served with fried plantains. (Caution, can be addictive.) 
Photo from Gringo in Paradise blog.

The peas are a little puzzling, but ham is very popular in the Yucatan. Check out the deli selection at the Isla Mujeres grocery store on the town square. Ham, and more ham.

Of the various unusual egg dishes you will see on the breakfast menus in Isla Mujeres, Huevos Motulenos are the most uniquely Yucatecan. They originated in the  town of Motul, Yucatan, 40 km/25 miles east of Merida. 
I have had an excellent version at Amigo's on Hidalgo (the pedestrian street).  
Alexia & Geovanny's Loncheria by the Mercado on the back street of Abasolo is a popular place to order them.
Here is a recipe for them.
Huevo's Motulenos from Rolandi's on Hidalgo (Photograph by  Diane Daniel).
Bucanero's Huevos Motulenos with "IslaDeb's" comment "Very good"

Both photos taken at Poc Chuc Loncherias
This photo was taken at Alexia & Geovanny's Loncheria in front of the Mercado.
From Tacos Tumbro's Loncheria on Abasolo by the Mercado In Isla Mujeres, Photo by IslaDeb
These were made by IslaDeb and here is her step by step post about making them. She said they were tasty but a lot of work.
At her blog this summer, IslaZina recommended the Huevo's Motulenos in colonia La Gloria at Carolina's for 35 pesos. (They are ~45 pesos in town, usually).
Huevos Motulenos at the town of Motul, Yucatan, at the Mirador.
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  1. Not my fave Isla b'fast by far. Ham and peas seem like something that my parents would've had to have made me eat when I was a kid. I feel like 'You can't go to the beach until you clean your plate!' :)