Friday, September 9, 2011

Tacos Pastor

Tacos Pastor In Isla Mujeres

Salsa tray at Medina's on Hidalgo.
  Pastor means shepherd, but these tacos are made from pork. The meat is grilled on a vertical spit called a Trompo, which means spinning top.
Two Pastors and a chorizo (w cheese) from Medina's
First it is marinated with spices that often include chiles, anchiote (annatto), and sour (Seville, naranja agria) orange juice. Juicy bits of charred meat are sliced from the outside, as well as a piece of the pineapple that sits above the meat. It is usually served on a small thin corn tortilla with cilantro, onions, lime, and a selection of salsas, radishes, and nopalitos (marinated cactus strips). If it is served on a flour tortilla with cheese, it is called a Gringa.

Locals often order tacos pastor at Medina's on Hidalgo and from Cachirul in La Gloria (which was known as "the  baseball park taco stand" whose name was Tacos al Campo). 
They cost about a dollar apiece and these restaurants usually start serving after dark, and are also popular with tourists.

Two Pastors & a Chorizo (w nepal cactus) from Cachirul
Sides & "fixin's" at Cachuril.

Achiote is used in most traditional Maya cooking
Annatto ( English), 
Achiotl / Ku'u up (Maya), 
Achiote (Spanish),  
Native to Mexico, now grown in many countries for its great taste and natural coloring qualities.

 Su'uts' pak'aal (Maya) 
 Naranja-Agria (Spanish)
Green, with a thick bumpy skin, often used in sauces; tastes like a combination of lime and orange.

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