Saturday, September 17, 2011

Pozole: Pork Hominy Stew In Isla Mujeres

Pozole  Rojo
(Nahuatl: potzolli, which means "foamy" or "froth"; variant spellings: pozsole, pozolé, pozolli, posole).
Posole at Manolito's on Sunday
It is a pre Colombian stew made with hominy that is eaten at special occasions throughout Mexico. It's ingredients vary between regions. In Isla Mujeres, it is made with a rich red broth and hand pulled pork, and served with tostadas or crackers, limes, radishes, onion, oregano, cilantro, lettuce, and chile powders. It is usually made in a large batch and fed to a big group of people in celebration of a special day. I think you can still find it on Sundays at Loncheria Manolito's which is near Mango Cafe on the east side of the island.  

Pozole is made using a special corn called cacahuazintle, pre-cooked in a water solution with calcium oxide for a couple of hours, making the corn grains lose their fibrous outer layer so that they open like flowers when boiled

 This pozole was served as a free meal Wednesday at the Community dining room on mainland Isla Mujeres in celebration of Independence Day.

Loncheria La Lomita serves pozole on Thursdays. They are on Juarez across from the naval base. Juarez is the one way street between the main street and the pedestrian street.

Occasionally someone sells pozole from a tricycle.  Other likely sources would be the cocina economicas and the loncherias. Here is a recipe.
Pozole can be made with other meats and has a different broth in different regions. Green chile pozole, white pozole, and vegetarian pozole have been sold in local  restaurants. Traditionally in this region, it is red and made with pulled pork.

Holy Pozole! This is tasty....try it! 


  1. Posole is one of my favorite dishes. It's Sunday o Isla, and we're headed out to find Manolito's.

    Google "Jersey Girl in Portland" for my blog.

  2. Totally lame link to recipe. Does not show a recipe, but rather a bunch of apps with no reference to the recipe shown. How about linking to the recipe?